Something Even Better

Pre-SEB: Get coaching clients without social media

May 31, 2021 Stacie Mitchell Season 2 Episode 2
Something Even Better
Pre-SEB: Get coaching clients without social media
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Hear directly from my client Julie from Happy Mind Guide about how she has coaching clients consistently reaching out for consults --- WITHOUT using social media to do it! And has booked herself out for the next 7 months!

We talk about how my coaching program has shifted her approach to marketing - so she can use her strengths and book clients with ease. If you're struggling to grow your coaching business and hate using social media so much, this is for you!

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- All right, I am super excited to be here with my client, Julie, from "Happy Mind Guide." She has been so patient as we tried to go live in the Facebook group, and it did not work, and then I tried a different way, and it did not work, and I tried a different way, and it did not work. And it's just never going to work. So, we have a couple of people joining us in a Zoom room now; I am muting them so that they don't speak over us, but if you have questions, feel free to put them in the chat. I will also be putting this recording into the Facebook group and then later onto the podcast. So if you're listening later, we just appreciate you listening. So, welcome Julie, thank you for being here.
- Thank you, I'm very happy to be here.
It's so happy to be here, and it's funny 'cause this is such a popular topic with people. And I named this, "The Getting Clients Without Social Media" because you're sort of this amazing coach that I've been working with who, you decided like that approach doesn't really work for me, and it's worked very well for you to not put so much time and energy into social media. So we're gonna talk about that today. But I also wanna talk about your experience working with me, and how you sort of came to that place figuring out like you didn't want to do so much social media anymore. So I'll start from square one just so that people can get the full picture.
- Yeah.
- What originally made you sign up to coach with me?
- Well, I started to follow you on Facebook and on Instagram, and it was just like, oh, wow, she's so authentic. It's, yeah, you were like for me the girl next door, just to help me and, yeah, go along with me on that's yes special rights through life, and after a few times, watching you online, seeing your newsletters, I was like, oh my god, she's the one who's gonna help me move forward, and then I just took the decision I didn't know if you were coaching back then. If you took on new people, I just asked a question, and then you said, "Yeah, sure, let's have a chat." And then I was so thrilled and I don't regret one instant of it.
- It's funny because we also very much connected on a TV show on Netflix, "Virgin River," and on our birthdays and on all sorts of things it all just sort of came together and it was like, yeah, sometimes you have those soulmate clients it just happens, which is amazing
- Yeah, that's true.
- So glad to be able to work with you and be your coach. So in terms of your business and how we work together, what would you say has been your biggest shifts?
- Well, for me, the first one is really to narrow them down my niche, to make it very clear for with whom I would be working with, because before I was like, Yeah, let's all come to me and see what will happen, but with narrowing it down it just helped me to focus so much better, those people I wanted to help because we would have a link, I have something to share with them and this is so much easier and yeah, there was a really big one, there was another one, the change of... Yeah, my, how do you say, how do I present myself and what's my program on my website for I'm in business up now for three years, and this was a huge topic I had to handle was my website, but it never came true, I never had the time, I really was like, oh, when I'm going to do this, and then with you I just did it in a few weeks time, I just, we narrowed it down what I wanted to do in my program, how to present myself, what to put in it, I even translated it in Dutch because I'm from Belgium and I have a huge Dutch audience but for me it was like, okay, now I can do it in English and I can do it in Dutch. So that was also big, yeah, big win for me on that part. Another one also was the prices.
- Yeah.
- That, fake one for me before I really charged by the hour, but I never knew when someone would be... Well they came back but it's not that I could say, okay, they'll be coming back for the next couple of six months or, so, I couldn't book my agenda, it was just like, okay, so for now next week the couple of weeks who are coming, I know people would come by, and that was that. And with changing of my prices and be more clear too and link them to my program, this really helped me too, yeah, I'm booked now till October. And even last year, this was something I just could only dream of. And we only started coaching this year-end of January, beginning of February so this moved really fast. And it's a really good way for me to fill in my agenda to focus on the people I'm coaching and to be really there for them, just to, yeah, give my time to them and not to think, okay, where's my next time coming from? So that was also very, yeah, huge win for me. And it's the simple things, but you don't always think about it, so, yeah.
- That's amazing.
- Yeah.
- Wow, I feel like I just need to recap all that everybody. I think the biggest thing was what you said about the paper session model and how it was just in many ways I think was just keeping you stuck and keeping it from being sustainable 'cause you never knew when people were coming, you never knew when they would use up their sessions, it was just a very hard model for creating that consistent sustainable income.
- Yeah
- And just, you made me like tear up a little bit, I mean everybody knows that's followed me long enough, knows that I can cry very easily. But I'm like, you're booked through October, and it just makes me so happy.
- Yeah, and I even think it's November now, if I checked my agenda.
- It goes to November even better which is amazing.
- Yeah.
- So amazing.
- Yeah, and you talked about something that I think is so important, which is that clarity piece, of really knowing who you're talking to and then using that as the foundation of creating everything else. I also love that you were like, "I didn't wanna do my website, I kept putting it off I didn't think I had time," and then you did it like three weeks.
- Yeah, a huge imposter syndrome, huge.
- It can get so in the way, yeah 'cause it feels very weird to put yourself out there online and be like I am the expert to help you with this, but--
- Yeah
- You are the expert, which is so exciting.
- Aw, Thank you.
- So let's get in, I think to the biggest question that we're all here for. What would you say are your main marketing strategies? Where are your clients normally coming from?
- Well, before, I was very focused a lot on Facebook and Instagram, but no one came through that, and this was really something you helped me to see because, okay, focus on what is working. So when I redirected my focus, it was like, okay, my website is working and people are looking me up on the internet. And then, yeah, I'm writing articles through my newsletters, posting in the magazine. So, yeah, these were the things that I had to nourish and to feed a bit more, and just being on those kinds of points it just came naturally. So I didn't have to, I even for the first five-six, I didn't have to do any extra thing to have people coming in. It just came out of those things that I did already, but that didn't just improve and refocused on.
- Yeah, and I think, and you may have mentioned this, but you've changed a few words and like on an online listing, I'm trying to think of like exactly what I'm trying to tell you, you know what I'm talking about. There is a place that you added yourself as a coach like a local, I think it's local for you.
- Yeah, it's a website Find a Coach.
- Yeah.
- So I listed on that one, and it's just one listing, okay I paid €130 or less each year, so it's not expensive, but most of my clients are just coming through that.
- That's amazing,
- Yeah.
- So amazing because I think people would be like, "What?" 'Cause it's such a simple thing, and I know you used it for a while and you weren't getting like, a ton of results there, but then you changed a few keywords, and then you were like yeah and suddenly, here we are.
- Yeah.
- it's so amazing. It doesn't have to be this like big thing, you don't have to spend $1,000 on ads, you don't have you to...
- No, you don't have to.
- You find the thing that like really works for you, which is writing and and the thing that you love to do versus this thing that I think we all think we have to do which is be on Instagram or be on Facebook to get clients 'cause we see everybody else do it and it seems like people are successful, so we're like, "I'll do it too," and they're like, "Why isn't this working for me?"
- Yeah, and normally it doesn't work, you don't know how does it work the whole Facebook thing okay, how to put on ads, and how does that work, and how to put in money? And I'm not sure if I get a return, if people will see me because yeah it's not so easy, and it will work for other people maybe, but it didn't work for me and I'm happy that I took a step back because it gave me so much more freedom for myself, just to not being on socials anymore. I'm still visible, but it's not that it's taking all of my time, and that's a huge difference for me.
- Absolutely, yeah, I think just the ability of not having to post regularly, not having to be on stories every day, not having to be whatever, if that's not your thing or if it's not working for you.
- Yeah.
- That can be really draining, something that just feels like, I don't know, I'm trying to think of like a really good analogy, it's sort of like you're handcuffed to your phone, right? You have to be next to it.
- Yeah, it is, that was the thing I held the whole time in my hand. I even fell down the stairs one month and a half ago, because I was on socials, and then it was like, okay, I have to quit with this too because it's not working. So, yeah.
- Yeah.
- It's, and these days, our phone is really like an extension of ourselves. And I'm thinking, I'm more than this, I'm more than my phone, and I'm giving myself space now, and this space is really all the energy that I can give to my clients, and this is so worked for me.
- I love it so much, and I think it's just, it's important for other people to hear that you can find success in ways that you probably haven't heard of. You can find success in ways that are a lot easier than you think they're gonna be, and also part of that is just paying attention to what's working and paying attention to what you really enjoy doing. It's not just about like, what's gonna work the fastest, which I think is what happens to people when they're coaching or when they're new coaches and they're like, "I just want it to happen, I want it to happen fast," so I'm gonna try all the things, and then try to figure out where people are coming from. It's really hard to do that.
- Yeah, it is.
- On a lot of levels.
- Yes, that's true, yeah. So, yeah, that was a big shift. But there was something really that I remember to and then that was something you said to me and that came through our coaching and there was, there are no rules, for me was like, okay, I have to post three times a week, I have to be on Facebook, I have to be on Pinterest, I don't know all these socials. I have to have a YouTube channel. And then you came up with it, but yeah, there are no rules, and I thought, yeah, it's true, there are no rules. You don't have to, who invented those rules any way? To say, okay, if you do this or that, the algorithm will pick you up. For me, it's bullshit, I'm sorry to take this online, but it's like, yeah, just follow what you're comfortable with and what you want to do, because then you're in it for the long run.
- Yeah
- And that's what matters because it, otherwise you get burned out.
- Absolutely, yeah, I think it's such a good approach to sort of tell yourself like, it doesn't matter how long it takes, I'm gonna keep at it until it happens, until it works, in the sense of like not being in a hurry, 'cause I think when you're not in a hurry and you're just committed and you're like, "Well I can just take my time, and I can do what feels good." It doesn't have to be like, I have to do this and I have to do that. And I love that you said, "The bullshit piece," 'cause I'm like, there are no secrets, they don't exist.
- Yeah.
- You can't, I've heard so many like, different kinds of strategies that make my head wanna explode from people where they're like, "Okay, I've been told I need to interact with every single hashtag that's gonna be on my post and then I need to do this before I post, and then I need to do that after I post." and I'm like, who has time for that.
- You don't, you really don't have time for it, no.
- You don't have time for that.
- And it's taking you away from coaching, which I think is why so many people get into it like you want to coach. And the idea that we're supposed to spend like 10 hours a day on our phones just makes me kind of sad. And I actually really enjoy social media, but I also think they're like all of these rules makes it so much more complicated and so unenjoyable.
- Yeah, that's true. And you just have to find that thing that works for you, and that's the most important. And, yeah.
- Exactly.
- I found mine.
- You found yours, and it's easy for you, and it feels good for you, and it's been so much fun to keep getting messages from you, where you're like, "And I have more clients, and I have more clients."
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- So amazing.
- Yeah.
- So I would love to know what has been your biggest kind of a surprise since taking away your focus from social media and really putting it towards writing and showing up in that way.
- Now the peace of mind. Before I was like constantly on, it's like, even in between sessions, I was like, okay, I have to post something, what, okay, what's next? I have to think about a topic. Okay, if I have to write the topic, I have to find a picture that goes with it, I have to write my article that comes with it. Since I always want to do like, I wanna give value and really go for it. Just taking that out of the equation. Oh just gave me so much peace of mind and, yeah, energy back before I felt like drains, and this should have been like the thing coaching because I changed jobs, this was really the thing I wanted to do what I was passionate about. But all of a sudden, I didn't have the energy anymore, and it was like, is this really still my dream? So, yeah, finding a new way and finding people with whom I wanna work with together, who I can help, who I can serve.
- Yeah.
- This made the difference, it's, yeah.
- Your gonna make me tear up again.
- I'm sorry.
- All right, it's okay. It does make a difference, and it sounds like, it really came down to focusing on what you enjoy and uncomplicated, all of it. It doesn't have to be, I think we've talked about this with newsletters where, and that this is not just you, a lot of my clients are like the newsletter has to be this, it has to have these three things or it has to have this or has to have that. No it doesn't, like you can do anything you want in your newsletter and people's brains go like, "Wah,"
- Yeah.
- It can be easy, it can be a paragraph in your email that could be powerful enough, so I think it's just so fun to like, see people start to break the rules that they somehow created for themselves, so much fun.
- Yeah. It gives freedom.
- Yeah, its freedom, yeah. And it's funny 'cause that's usually the reason we start these businesses like we want the freedom.
- Yeah, that is it.
- Then we box ourselves in with a bunch of rules.
- Yeah.
- Oh humans.
- Yeah.
- I would love to know, because I think this would be helpful for people who are maybe considering hiring me as a coach, like what would you tell people who are on the fence about working with anyone really, but with me as a coach?
- Well, personally, if they would be working with you, I would say, don't hesitate. Just hop on a call with you, and have a chat, and you will see how amazing Stacie is, she's the one who is there for you, who will even through in between sessions, who will cheer for you. And, yeah, that's something we just need, just love from another human being, just to feel supported and to move forward. And this is what I, yeah, I had in the last couple of months, I was not alone in this. And sometimes when you have a business you feel alone in trying to seek out in the world your place and give out your message. And when you have someone and even if it's another coach that can help you with that, but if you have just, a soundboard someone who's just reflecting with you on, okay, we can do this or that or okay I'm stuck, how can I move from out of this place? It just helps you to make those little steps. And it's really, sometimes it seems like very small steps, but when you look back, you moved so far and that's why having a coach is a good thing, and I'm a coach, but even I need a coach sometimes so. And for that, yeah, I'm very happy that I made my chose to, my choice to start working with Stacie. because it just clicked, and that's also a very important thing. Just see that you have like that, okay, this is the person that will help me. And if you don't feel it, just go looking further, just try to talk to some other coaches see what they have to bring in, and because it's so important that you have someone that clicks with you to go the whole way. Because if not, you're not motivated and you won't do the work.
- Yeah, I love that, find the person that you connect with the most. May not be me, it may not, I mean, who knows who it is, but there are people out there that can help you, who can help you figure out exactly what works for you, in your business and make it not feel so lonely 'cause it is, it can feel very lonely when you're trying to build something and for the most of us unless you have a lot of coach friends. It can feel very lonely 'cause it's like nobody else gets what you're trying to do, and I think this is especially true if you're still working like a job because you're in this one situation and then you're out of it and it's very confusing sometimes, you're like I have this bigger dream for for my life, but I'm not quite there yet and I'm surrounded by people who definitely don't get it, right?
- Yeah.
- And just, it's interesting, and thank you for all your feedback, that was really, really helpful, but I love that I'm like, if it's not me find someone else.
- Yeah, and that's okay too.
- Yeah
- You will find a match, and that match will help you to move forward,
- And so important.
- Yeah
- So, yeah, but they can have a match with you because you're, for me, you're the girl next door that's yeah, moving along with me.
- Yeah, very down to earth if you want the luxury type. I'm not your--
- Yeah, that's true. That's also the thing that made me choose you because you weren't in a suit and or in a high heels, long dress, waving your hair and then I was thinking, oh she seems so normal, she's just like me in jeans, just T-shirts and... okay, she has a dog with whom she's goes walking with, oh I'm a dog lover too so, yeah, okay, we found some matches and there was the thing.
- Which really goes back to, I think, too, like if you're thinking about your own coaching business and how to attract your people, like just be yourself. I am not going to like put on really fancy clothes everyday. 'Cause I don't want to, I just want to. I quit my job so that I wouldn't have to wear a suit ever, ever, ever again, and I never will. So, yes, show up as yourself, your people will love it, and if you're super into luxury things, like find your luxury person, that's fine.
- Yeah, that's true.
- It works for some people too. So, I want you to tell everyone more about you, where they can find you, what you do, 'cause I know people are going to be interested.
- So, I'm Julie, I'm from Belgium, I'm 37. So, and what I do is I help women who feel like overwhelmed, who have the feeling of not being good enough, just to make the switch to be re-energized and to be confident, that's what I do. And so, no matter what place you are right now in your life, doesn't matter, I'll just help you to move from one point to another and just go for that life that you really want. And just with lesser stress, less hassle, more energy and a happy mind. So, you can find me on the internet back on where you can just reach out to me, and I'm more than happy to have a chat with you if you're on the verge to have somebody to coach you. So, yeah, and I'm, yeah I'm bilingual so, English, Dutch, French, no problem. You can be, you're more than welcome.
- Amazing, well I know people need what you do I know they need your coaching, and I'm just so glad that you're out in the world that you're getting more clients than you're feeling confident in what you do 'cause I know that you help so many people so.
- Aw, thank you.
- I appreciate that. All right, well, if no one has any questions, I am gonna end and I will see you Julie soon.
- Okay, see you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.