Something Even Better

Pre-SEB: When you want to quit your coaching business

June 14, 2021 Stacie Mitchell Season 2 Episode 4
Something Even Better
Pre-SEB: When you want to quit your coaching business
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Every coach has been there: You want to quit your coaching business.

This episode is straight from the heart and was created to help you keep going and normalize what every entrepreneur thinks about at least once: quitting their business.

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This week’s quote is from This Time I Dance by Tama Kieves


What's the biggest secret behind a successful life. Coach consistency. Welcome to the consistent coach podcast. I'm your host, Stacy Mitchell and I help coaches simplify their businesses and their marketing so they can easily stay consistent, get clients and grow their income, using the power of routine habit, building a neuro-plasticity because you don't need to do and be all the things to be successful. You just need to be consistent.


Hello and welcome back to a brand new episode of the consistent coach podcast. I am so glad to be talking to you all today. I have to laugh a little because I originally started recording this and I was so into it and it was going so well. It makes me want to cry a little bit. And then a big old truck came into our neighborhood. It started doing something in all of our backyard, some sort of landscaping. And I swear to you, I joke about it. And Instagram stories. Every time I start to record a podcast, it's like, they know it's like, they're waiting. They're just waiting for me to start there . They're watching me through the window. She's recording. Let's go. So I'm back rerecording , an episode that is really honestly so important. And it's just on my heart. This comes from the heart. We have all been there. Every entrepreneur I've ever talked to has had these thoughts at some point or another. And it's when you want to quit. When you are ready to quit your coaching business, it happens to all of us at one point or another. It's the moment when you put your heart and soul into something and it didn't work when you showed up and you gave everything to a workshop and no one comes when you spent months and months creating a course, no one buys it. No, it's so hard. And it feels like you are never going to have the business that you dream of having. And I want you to know everyone goes through this. I talk to what I think are really successful entrepreneurs. And they still have moments where everything sort of feels off where they question, whether they have what it takes, where they questioned , whether that was it. They had a really successful month. That's it never going to have it again? All of us have this. And I just want you to know it is your brain. It is always your brain that is trying to tell you to quit. And I just want to review because it's been a long, long while, and I don't think I've reviewed it since sort of switching my, a niche to business, the model, the thought model from the life coach school, it still applies with business. Y'all it applies to everything. And if you don't know the model, I'm going to do it really quickly. It's circumstances, meaning the facts of the situation, thoughts, what you believe about those circumstances, feelings, the feelings that you get, the emotions that you feel from those thoughts actions, the actions that you take. So what you actually do from those feelings, and then the result , the results that you get from the actions and what typically happens is that the results prove the thoughts. True. I'll get into that in a minute. The most important thing to remember is that any circumstance is neutral. So I'm just going to pretend. Let's pretend that you have a program. You put it out there, nobody bought it. Nobody signed up. That's a neutral fact. And I know that's very hard, but it is. It's neither right, nor wrong. There's nothing wrong. If nobody bought your program, I know you're like, what if you've never heard this before? It can be a little jarring, but I swear. It's okay. Nothing is wrong. It's neutral. The thoughts though, are where everything goes a little wacky, right? So if your thought is, nobody signed up for my program, nobody applied and thus, I am a bad coach. I'm never going to make it. I don't have what it takes. There's something wrong with me, blah , blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right? I know. We've all been there. I've been there for sure. And the most important thing to remember is that those thoughts are not helping you because when you look at the model, those kinds of thoughts make you feel defeated. They make you feel, I mean gross, right? I do not feel good when I'm telling myself those thoughts. I want to give up. And that's the action, right? The action is you start thinking about giving up and you might do it unless you self-coach yourself or get coaching. And then the results are, you never get the business that you want and you don't have what it takes, right? It doesn't mean that you don't have what it takes. It means that you believed it improved yourself, right? There is a difference. So you really want to think about when you're in this place of it's not working. And these are some of the most common thoughts it's not working. I don't have what it takes. I'm not making enough money. I'm embarrassing myself doing this. Coaching is a big scam. I laugh about this because I used to Google this. I don't know what I was trying to do. I don't know why my brain thought this was a good idea, but used to Google is coaching. A scam is life coaching and MLM. Is it a scam? And it's so embarrassing. It's so embarrassing to admit it, but I would Google it because I was like, what if this is all just some big scam? What if I'm an idiot? Like what if this is all just a fantasy and I am delusional. I'm just being really, really honest and Frank with you, because I want you to know the thoughts that are getting in the way of you staying in your business of you staying consistent of showing up other thoughts. I'm not smart enough. I'm not driven enough. I'm not special enough. I'm not doing enough. I'm delusional. These are thoughts that come from neutral circumstances, by the way. And sometimes they're really small circumstances. It can be as small as hosting a live workshop. Nobody shows up that's happened to me, friends. It has happened. And what my brain wants to do in that moment is nobody's interested in what I have. No , I'm never going to sign another client again. I'm never going to make money again. Not true. It's not true. So you have to question your thoughts because that happened six months ago. And I have since signed a lot of clients and made a lot of money so I could have believed this is it. My business is over. I'm never going to make more money and quit. And it would have been true because I quit or questioned it and thought maybe people are busy today. People will watch the replay. It's fine. This is a one-off . I'm going to show up as if people are here, it really comes down to the questioning. And just in case, you need to hear why this can happen. Sometimes it's the money piece, because this was really big for me. So I want to give a little quick summary. If you follow me on Instagram long enough, you've seen this at some point in time, but it's been awhile. But in 2019, my income from coaching was about 1500, I think maybe $2,000 total. And I had invested up to that point about $5,000 in my business. So I'd made no money. You know, I was in the red, if you will. And then 2020. And I made $20,000, which, Hey, that's a lot of money from 2000. That's 10 times the money. But half of that came in the final few months and I invested like $17,000. So it would have been really easy for me to say, oh, I'm not good at this. I'm a loser. I'm not a great coach. I'm not good at business, but instead I could see the potential. I could see that every time I invested in every time that I showed up and every time it was consistent and every time I believed that things happened. And now in 2021, I am averaging five, $6,000 a month and that's working 20 to 25 hours a week. And I have only been, it's only been five months full-time and I'm doing that well, which is amazing to me. And I'm building my belief and really believing that 10 K months are going to happen. I have no doubt in my mind that that is coming, but it's really funny. I bring this up because I have purposefully slow down in my business right now, right now I'm slowing down on purpose so I can clean some things up. I'm launching my new program, which is awesome. And I'm moving, I'm moving this summer and taking a two week road trip . So I slowed down on purpose. And it's so funny because my brain will occasionally be like, what did you do? Like, I know that I'm fine intellectually, but my brain is like, you need clients, you need clients, you need clients. Even though I decided to sign less clients, I just want you to see the humor in that. But this is what our brains do. They really love to look for warning signs that aren't even there. They will take anything. It will take a client canceling on you. It will take , uh , not getting a bunch of likes as quickly as you think you should. It will take not as many people answering your emails or opening your emails. It can be email unsubscribes. It could be anything and your brain could turn it into that's the end. That's the end of my business. And this is really where you have to self coach yourself or get a coach who can help you start seeing that. It's not true. And that really is the first thing is questioning, questioning the truth. Is it fact because 99% of the time, it is not, unless you are a fortune teller. So I also want to talk about the ups and downs of real life. And that includes entrepreneurship. I just think it's important , uh , to say that, especially if you're on Instagram or Facebook or anywhere else, where you can see how well people are doing that, it can get into your head what real life should look like because all of us are posting our highlight reels. That includes really successful coaches. And I'm not like slamming them for doing that. That's what most of us are doing online. Right? But I just want to go ahead and say, you're not seeing the full picture. You're not seeing the mindset work that they have to do on themselves. Daily. Probably most of the people that are most successful are doing that kind of work constantly because it is a battle. Your brain wants to win . Your brain wants to keep you safe so bad. And that's all it's trying to do is trying to convince you that safety is more important than showing up. It's not true. And it's especially not true. If you want to build a life that is outside the norm, that is outside the normal possibilities of what most people think is realistic. And I don't know about you, but I don't want to be realistic. I want special. And it doesn't mean it has to be luxurious. I'm not saying that, but I want something that I have created for myself that aligns with me so fully that I get to wake up and be excited. Now, let me say this. Even if you build the best business in the whole world, you probably aren't going to be excited every single day. You're going to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. That's part of the mindset work, right? Appreciating what you have, but there is always good and bad. Whether you have your own business or you have a great job, or you live in this amazing location, or you're moving to an amazing location like we are, or you have the sexiest partner on the planet, things are never going to be perfect. And I also want to say, it's very rare that things fall into line exactly the way we want them to. I'm just going to go ahead and say it cause nobody else hardly ever talks about this. Every time I plan a launch, I am wrong. And let me explain. I always have expectations about what will happen and I am wrong about 95% of the time. The clients that I think will sign up, they don't, I'm wrong. The timing of when people sign up wrong, the email that resonates most wrong. And I just tell you this because very rarely does life play out the way we expect it to. And this is true for your coaching business too. And the only way you're not going to succeed is if you quit, if you just give up and I want to encourage you right now, that you can make a commitment to keep going, no matter how long it takes to keep going, no matter the results, because that's what I had to do at the first half of 2020, I was making not very much money. I made $107 in January 20, 20, $107. I could have been like, well, I'm not, that's not enough. It's not enough to live on. I'm giving up. And everybody thinks that it's just like overnight, that these kinds of big income months happen. It took me a while . It took me like six months to really get into a flow, to get the audience, to get people paying attention. I had to show up for six months making maybe a thousand dollars, $1,500, which I know for some of you is like, that's amazing. And I get it. I was definitely there, but you have to keep going to get to the place where you ultimately want to be. There is no other way to there than through the sort of, let's just be honest. Some of the misery that your brain is going to put you through, but you have to keep going. Do not quit. You have to commit to wanting it no matter how long it takes, don't believe your brain find a way to talk yourself out of it. One of my favorite questions is super simple and it comes from Byron Katie's four questions. The first question, I'm not going to go through all four. The first question is it true? Almost always. When I ask myself, is it true? I have this deep realization that my brain is lying to me, that my brain is trying to force me to give up. And I'm getting a little emotional now because there have been moments where I was on the cusp of something amazing. And I so badly wanted to give up because I thought it wasn't working. I thought no one was coming. I thought my ideas didn't matter. I thought that I, wasn't a great coach. And I'm telling you this because I want you to know it's normal. There's nothing wrong with you. This is a natural part of entrepreneurship. The brain drama. You have to decide what you want to believe instead , and slowly start replacing those thoughts. What do you choose to believe about your coaching business? I choose to believe that every client comes at the perfect time. Not on my timing. I choose to believe there are clients everywhere, just waiting to hear from me and that if I just keep going, I will have the business. I have always dreamed of having this brain drama. And I know people are probably sick of hearing about how mindset is like the most important thing, but it truly is the thing that will make or break your business. If you are constantly second guessing yourself, if you're constantly second guessing your ability, if you're constantly second guessing the possibility of whether you can make it happen, it will be so hard to stay consistent in your business, a successful coaching business. Isn't just about taking consistent action. It's also about maintaining a consistent mindset, which means weathering the highs and the lows and knowing that the lows are not failures. It's just one more step closer to your business, working out. If you don't let your brain get in the way you just need to make the next right decision and move forward. Every time I think of giving up, I asked myself this question, and again, I'm getting emotional. What if tomorrow is the day that everything changes? What if the next blog post the next Instagram, whatever it is is the thing that makes a client reach out to me. And I quit today. I quit on the dream today when tomorrow it was right there. Whew , really, truly. I want you to start asking yourself this question. What if it's just one more thing? What if it's just one more day? What if I just need to show up one more month and everything happens. Truly this mindset is what helped me stay consistent. What if, what if it's just beyond the next thing? It's sort of like when you go hiking and you're going hiking to see this beautiful lake and you're tired and you want to turn around, you're sick of hiking. You just want to like sit down and take a break and then you keep going and you think, thank God I kept going. Cause it was literally just beyond the trees. It's just like that you can turn around or you can stop, but then you'll never know what was just beyond. So if you're thinking of quitting and you're listening to this now, I want you to take a moment. And if you're not driving, I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you built the business there right now. You can only dream of having that . You have the clients you really, really want to work with that. You were booked out that you were making the income that you need, that you're working the hours. You want to work, try to feel it deep in your soul. And just imagine that it only took staying consistent for a little while longer for it to be real. And because I love Tamma caves and this time I dance more than probably any other book and I really have to credit it for helping me keep my own mindset in check. I'm going to read a very quick , uh , snippet from the book for you yet. I never consciously set out to do any of this, not any of it. And thank goodness for the foresight to have no foresight because I could never have mapped out this unthinkable tapestry of grace. Just keep going until next time I love this podcast. Hop on over to iTunes and give it a rating and review. I read every review and love hearing from my listeners until next time, get clear, get consistent, get clients.