Something Even Better

Pre-SEB: The big lie: “Only business coaches make money”

June 28, 2021 Stacie Mitchell Season 2 Episode 6
Something Even Better
Pre-SEB: The big lie: “Only business coaches make money”
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What’s something I hear from my clients WAY too often? “Only business coaches can make money!”

But that’s a big lie! Today you’ll hear from four coaches who have made good money in non-business niches. If you want to expand your mindset and create the belief that EVERY coach can make good money, this episode is for you!

Our guest coaches:

A former weight loss coach who was making 6 figures before shifting to business coaching. She talks about the identity shift required to become the coach who creates a consistent, sustainable income: “If you don’t become the boss, nobody else will.” Caryn Gillen now helps other coaches build their businesses. You can find her at or on Instagram at @caryngillen.

A sleep consultant for exhausted parents, making a very comfortable, even surprising (!) income that allows for lots of fun with her family. Find Christine Stevens at or on Instagram at @christinestevens.sleep.

A public speaking coach who left a “cushy” job in academia so she could fully experience being her own boss. Her income is increasing steadily and this year (in May) she surpassed what she made in all of 2020. Find Megan at or on Instagram at @ubuskills

A sex coach and educator, and founder of Passion by Kait, who went from selling sex toys on her Catholic college campus to building a sustainable business practice that works with her chronic illness and still supports her life. You can find Kait Scalisi at or on Instagram at @passionbykait.2

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What's the biggest secret behind a successful life coach consistency. Welcome to the consistent coach podcast. I'm your host, Stacy Mitchell and I help coaches simplify their businesses and their marketing so they can easily stay consistent, get clients and grow their income, using the power of routine habit, building a neuro-plasticity because you don't need to do and be all the things to be successful. You just need to be consistent.


Hello, my lovely listeners. And welcome back to a new episode at the consistent coach podcast. I am. I just, I'm almost at a loss for words, I just edited together four different coaches, snippets, audio snippets of how they created sustainable income without being business coaches. Because I have to say there are so many, I would say probably I'm not gonna say every client, but I'm going to say there's a lot of clients, probably 80% of my clients at some point in time in our working together will say it's because I'm not a business coach. I can't make money because I'm not a business coach. You just can't make money. If you're not a business coach. And I just want to go ahead and say lies. It's all lies . I think it is very easy to think that business coaches are the only coaches making money online. And I think that's because business coaches are more likely to be a lot more open about their income. Why? Because they're business coaches, it just makes sense that they would be more open and transparent with the income that they're making. Uh, because that's really what they're doing as a business coach is sort of saying, I know what I'm doing. I know how to make money. Let me help you. I am not saying by the way, that's the best way of going about things. I'm just saying. I think that is the mindset behind it. So I wanted to bring together a group of coaches who have proven that it's possible to make money, make good money as a coach, as a consultant, without being a business coach or consultant. So I brought together Karen Gillan, who I just want to go ahead and say, I'm going to put it out there right now. She is currently a business coach, but before she was a business coach, she was a weight loss coach. And she was making six figures as a weight loss coach, really she in her , um, interview and her audio that she provided, she tells us that she was charging $1,000 a month and a six month program for weight loss. Let that sink in. And she was doing real well at it. It's going to blow your mind. We also have Christine Stevens who is a sleep consultant for exhausted parents. And she talks about making a very comfortable, even really surprising to many people. Income that allows for lots of fun with her family. We also have Megan Hamilton, who is a public speaking coach. She left a, let's just say cushy job and academia. So she could be her own boss and make her own schedule and you know, really live her own life. And her income is increasing steadily. And this year in may, she made everything she'd already made , um, in 2020. So she's seeing that income increase over time , which just so you know, that's what I , that's what I preach. It just takes time. And then finally we have Kate Scalisi. She is a sex coach and educator and founder of passion by Kate. And she went from selling sex toys on her Catholic college campus to building a sustainable business practice that works with her chronic illness and still supports her life. You are really going to be just so inspired. I know I was really inspired listening to these , uh , these interviews. So I'm going to stop talking and I'm going to let them tell their stories and allow you to soak it all in and to reinforce the belief that you can make money as any kind of coach that there is enjoy.


My name is Karen Gillan and I used to be a weight loss coach. And that is actually the job that I had the business I had when I was able to leave my corporate job while my husband was not even working. And we had a 18 month old, two year old. So I was a weight loss coach for many years. I went through different niches , um, you know, calling it intuitive, eating and just calling it weight loss coach , um, kind of the niche drama that , that we can all go through, but I was able to leave my job as that weight loss coach. One of the deals that I made with myself was I'm going to leave when I am losing money staying. And honestly, I probably left about six months too late because I kind of burned myself out. I mean, I was like writing a book and I had a full-time job and I basically had a full-time business and I had an 18 month old and it was a lot. Um, but for me creating the financial stability and the bit of a buffer financially was really important to me, especially with my husband, not working at the time. So as of today, I've been a coach for over 12 years, but at that time, and I'd probably been a coach for about 7, 8, 8 years or so. And I did not, I work full-time as a coach that entire time, I kind of took a roundabout route a lot of those years, but it was six years ago now where I decided, okay, if I'm going to have, if I'm going to have a kid like this business, can't be messing around. Like, this is not a hobby. This needs to be for real. I don't have the time or the energy to just have it feel fun anymore, unless there's going to be some money coming in. So once I had my daughter, it was like I said, 18 months. And then I left my job. So that was a really , uh , intense 18 months where I went and I got help in my business. I figured out, okay, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to go hire the person I trust the most, who I admire the most, who has the kind of values that I have. And I'm going to do everything that they tell me, you know, within reason in order to build my online business. And that's exactly what I did. And I just kept going and I showed up. And even though my newsletter went out every Sunday without fail, sometimes that meant I was up Saturday night at 11:00 PM. Like, oh my God, I forgot to write my newsletter. But I lived consistently in that everything was going on social media, my newsletter went out. I had a freebie. I was doing all of the things that are real business does. And I think that's a big mindset shift that we can make from like, oh, I'm just like this person who's really helped healthy. And I can help people to know this is a real business. And the only person who decides that is me and the time to decide it is right now. So if anybody's on that fence, I will YouTube just do what you need to do to own that. So I mentioned losing money, staying at my job. And the way that worked was I basically knew that I needed to bring in $6,000 gross. So total revenue generated a month into my business before I would feel like I could safely leave. So I did that. And you know, I tried a lot of different things out along the way. I sold three session packages. I sold six week groups and those were pretty low priced items. I did one-on-one coaching for four months, for $500 a month. And by the time I left my job, I was selling weight loss coaching for a thousand dollars a month for six months. So really in my business to make it sustainable, I only had to sell one or two clients a month to survive. And if you think about being a sustainable business owner, like, can you make one sale a month? How many consults do you have to have to have one sale for me? I had to have two because I always had a 50% conversion rate. If I talked to two people, one of them was going to become my client. So with all the things you can do on social media and the offers you can make and the challenges we can do, and the, all of the being of service that we can do, getting two people to hop on the phone with you a month is not rocket science. This is something that's possible. So what I wish I'd known in the very beginning about making money is that taking it seriously is when it gets serious. If you are having a hobby in your business, then that's all you're ever going to have. If you don't become the boss, nobody else. Well , so you have to show up the way that you think you'll show up when you're quote unquote successful somewhere down the line. If you don't choose to do that, now it will not happen. So this is an identity shift and it's not always the most comfortable one to make, but it is required. That's my belief. Um, so now at this point, I think the funny story is I was still a weight loss coach and I looked at my client roster. I was fully booked. And that for me was about 15 or 16 clients, but 80 or 90% of my client roster was other coaches who wanted to do business coaching with me. So the joke was on me that , uh, that I wasn't doing business coaching, which is what I do now. Um, I come from a long line of family, businesses, businesses in my blood. And it's what I love to help people do is how do we build a business that feels like us? How do we build a business that serves our families that fits the lives that we actually have now? And I think that can be a really fun part of it. And it's also for those of us who like personal growth, all of us coaches, it's the greatest personal growth journey you'll go on besides potentially parenting. If you choose to do that, or if that's on the table for you. All right. So if you want to connect, I am at Karen Gillan, everywhere, C a R Y N G I L L E N on the website on the Instagram, on my podcast. I wish you well. And I want you to take that. I want you to let that land. I know that this is possible for you because it worked for me. I know that if you stay consistent, if you believe, and if you become an actual boss of your life in your business, this can work. I have seen it. I have seen it hundreds of times, and there's no reason that it can't work for you if you're really here to show up for it. And if you're not get real clear and honest with yourself and say, I actually want it to be a hobby. I'm cool with that. And stop beating yourself up about it, own it, whatever you're going to do own it. All right, have a great day.


I'm Christine Stevens, owner and founder of sleep solutions by Christine. I am a sleep coach for exhausted parents who have tried everything to get their children to sleep. I show them how to do it in ways that work with their parenting style. So their children's sleep all night long. I've been in business now for six years. And I would say that it probably took me at least the first two to three years before I was able to create a sustainable income in that time. I mean, I really had to get my name out there. Really establish myself as an expert in my field, learn as much as I could and be able to take on referrals and really learn the marketing to target my, my favorite clients and the favorite ones that I wanted to work with. Okay. So what did I wish I had known in the beginning when it comes to making money that you really have to hustle that you really have to work? It's not so much as putting up a website and put up a website and people will find you and immediately they come to you. You have to get out there, you have to connect with people. You have to do free talks. You have to do free webinars, free events. Sometimes you do. And sometimes you get paid for it in little pieces. As you get more and more experienced in the things that you're doing, then it's going to become easier when it's time to raise those prices and make more money and work with more and more clients. So if people are looking to find me connect with me, they can number one, go to my website, www dot sleep solutions by Christine, all one and they can send me a contact request or just send me , uh , send me a note through Facebook sleep solutions by Christine . I'm also on Instagram, Christine Stevens dot sleep. Some other things that I really wish I had known at the beginning of business, things like about marketing. I have a business degree and I still didn't know enough about marketing because it's learning to market to your ideal clients, who are those people when you first start out as a coach, a lot of times it's just, I'll take whoever comes to me. But then as you get more experienced , you really learn who are your favorite clients? Who is that niche that you really love working with? And for me, that's working moms are the , are the , my favorite, favorite clients to work with? Do I work with some, stay at home moms? Do I work with, you know, it was more with dads. Yes, I do. But by and large, my favorite client are working moms. And so being able to market to those women , um, and really figure out what they're looking for when it comes to things like being asleep , coach, not something that you totally hear about a lot. So being able to get to them and get in front of them electronically, physically, whatever that was , um, so that I could, so that I could find that ideal client and be able to offer packages. That really was something that they were looking for since I started this business six years ago. Yes, I did. I absolutely jumped at the chance that I got one client every single month. And at that time when I first started out, it was just about, let me just see if I can actually cover my expenses as I've gone on. Obviously I've wanted to turn a profit. So what did I do? I started doing things like , um, increasing. I had to increase my prices a little bit because I wanted to make sure that my time and the value that I was providing my clients was actually worth it. And I made sure that I got paid to do that. So I was able to do things like raise my prices in . Then, you know, the first couple of years is as things got more sustainable and I got better at marketing, then I started talking about things like what, what marketing things were actually working, where were my clients coming from? Where should I focus more of my marketing efforts and narrowing that down to a space that really got in front of my ideal client now where I'm at six years later, I won't go into specific numbers. But I would say that, yes, I am providing a very comfortable income for myself. That's allowed my family to do have a lot more fun and actually really surprise my family that, wow, you make that much as, as a sleep consultant. Yes. Yes I do. So , um, I'm very happy with the numbers that I am making. I never thought I could make this much money being a sleep coach for , for kids, but amazingly it it's definitely happened. So stick with it. Any kind of coach consulting , uh , business that you want to start, that you want to run. Part of it is being consistent. You have to get out there, you can't take your foot off the gas, keep working, keep getting your, keep, getting your marketing and honing your skills. Learn as much as you can about your clients, about the experience that you provide for them and find out really what works. What are your clients looking for? And finally asked for feedback from your clients. I did it lots and lots early on. How was it working with me? Was there something else that you might be looking for find out what is that find out what that is and see where you can , um, really set yourself apart from those other coaches out there? Well, thanks again for listening to me. I'm Christine Stevens, owner and founder of sleep solutions by Christine dock .


Hello, I am Megan Hamilton. I am a speaking visibility and confidence coach who works with women and non binary people. My clients are tired of avoiding opportunities because they're afraid they might sound stupid or unprofessional. I help them control their nerves. Uncover some of the reasons they've been holding themselves back and learn how to trust their intuition so that they can speak authentically and with authority. And I love it. So I am not a business coach. And Stacy asked me to come on here and talk about my experience. My clients are typically in their mid thirties to early fifties. Although every once in a while, somebody strays outside of that category, they are usually women and they are professional. They are pretty smart and internally feel quite comfortable with everything they've done in their lives, but they have a really hard time expressing that on the outside they fumble, they make mistakes, their voice goes up in pitch. They get a lot of stress response and then that makes them feel like they're not representing themselves really well. So I've been a coach for about eight years now, but I've been doing this business for three years. I launched it three years ago, actually today, as I'm as I'm recording this episode and full-time meaning I quit my job last summer. So it'll be a year, August 1st. So that's how long I've been doing it. Full-time but I've been sort of building up to it slowly over time. And it wasn't, it wasn't even a question. I didn't, I mean, it never occurred to me. This is what I was going to be doing and that I would want to leave my job to do it until probably about three and a half, four years ago. When I started to take a look at things a little bit more deeply, I have a few different offers. I work one-on-one with clients in two different packages. So I have a three session package, three hour long sessions and a six session package. And I have built two courses now , uh, both of them have run live and one of them is now a standalone. And I'm thinking of maybe bringing that back in November to do it live again. And I also do a lot of corporate workshops where I go into existing places and help employees train how to speak well. And recently I started an ongoing container. I wanted to have a bit more consistent income. And so I thought if I could meet with everybody every second week. So these are with clients I've already worked with in some capacity. So they've done the training already in full . We don't have to redo that. So we meet every second week and we have a mini training at the beginning. So there's ongoing sort of skill building. And then there's sort of hot seat coaching. And so everybody gets a chance to talk about whatever whatever's on their mind or whatever they need to work on right then. So that could look like having an upcoming presentation. It could look like I need to have a conversation with my boss and I want some help modeling that, or how do I deal with this situation, et cetera, et cetera. How long did it take for me to create a sustainable income? Well, you know, I'm not going to lie. I'm still , uh, I'm still building I'm, I'm not at the income level that is matching my previous job. And, but it is building and, you know, the more I really learn what my clients need and the more I keep bringing new people to me, the more I can see , uh, everything sort of increasing. Um , I'm certainly paying all my bills. Everything is, is working in that way, but I want to be making more money so that I'm more comfortable. I can put more into savings and I want to also be able to give back a little bit more than I have been in terms of donations. It's very important to me to be my own boss. And I don't think I'll ever go back. I left a job at a university and I'd been there for almost 11 years. I had a pension, I had benefits. Uh, we even got reimbursed for childcare a little bit. It was super cushy, but it was killing my soul. So another thing about me is I'm a professional musician and I come from the theater world a long, long time ago. And so I had been pretty independent before, but then life happens, this job came up and I got it. That was great. And then, you know, my husband decided to go back to school. I had a baby, we started saving for a house and it just sort of helped manage all of those pieces. And then once all of that was in place, I really couldn't wait to leave. And it was, it was the pandemic that , uh , eventually sort of gave me the nudge to go. I'd already been working home. I'd been sort of seeing what life would be like if that was the case and when the opportunity arose, I just, I took it and I ran with it and I don't mean to be flippant about that. It took a lot of talking, talking out, talking to my husband, talking to my friends, you know, trying to, because I wasn't matching my income yet. And that felt a bit scary. But at the same time, it was a leap I had to take , uh, for me personally. And I'm incredibly grateful that I did. What do I wish I'd known at the very beginning when it comes to making money, you're going to have really big months. And then after that, you might have like, even as zero month, that happened to me. And I was like, oh my God, that's it. I had that one good month and I'm done. I'm going to have to find another job. And of course that's not the case. Uh, I got, I came back from that , uh , sort of mindset, but you do go through bigger months and smaller months. And so one of the things I think that is really important to think about is what's your base minimum that you want to make every month to pay everything. And maybe for the first little while, just pay yourself that, so that on the months when you do have a zero, you're not actually at a zero, you still get your paycheck. It's just that your business is not bringing in any new income that month. But, you know, in terms of numbers, we are, we just past may and somewhere in may, I had made as much money from coaching as I had last year. So, and we're only halfway through the year. So I am looking to have my first completely sustainable year. And again, it's not the, I'm not at the income level that I would like to be. Although I sort of feel like I'm always going to want to be aiming higher, but I'm certainly making everything work and I am on track to keep building. And it's really exciting. And that's part of it for me is reaching those goals. Uh, I get really excited by, by reaching goals. And so that's what keeps me moving forward. You can find me on Instagram at you , B U skills. Those are the letters you BU . My website is I'm on Twitter at UVU skills and Facebook at UBU skills as well. Thanks for having me Stacy ,


The one , my name is Kate. Scalisi my pronouns are she and her and I hold a lot of different identities. I am a white, disabled CIS woman. I am a sex educator. I am the founder of a company called passion by Kate K a I T. And most importantly, I'm an advocate for the revolutionary power of pleasure in the bedroom and out. I work with folks through passionate by Kate, which is an award-winning sexual wellness platform that provides practical evidence-based and social justice informed insights and tools to have more intimacy, connection and confidence in the bedroom. And beyond part of this work involves doing coaching and counseling with individuals and couples who find themselves struggling with sexual shame, feeling awkward, feeling like something is wrong with them that holds them back from their pleasure, from their desires, from the intimacy that they are hoping to have. And so through passion, by Kate, in addition to coaching and counseling, in addition to our free resources, our articles, we also have digital products and together, everything, everything is focused on helping people understand and say yes to their desires while ditching the shame and adequacy and expectations of an often sex negative world, as someone who is chronically ill and disabled. My goal is always to provide my clients with are truly intersectional, unique, and really fully realized approach perspective of what it takes to keep the spark alive or fan into flame, no matter what life throws, their way, even a pandemic. So again, with the coaching, I work with folks, individuals, or couples, and either three or six month packages. And most recently I launched the PBK guide to getting the sex you want, which is a 75 page workbook filled with the exact tools and prompts and resources and so on that has helped hundreds. And we'll help whoever's reading it to have that deep, deep intimacy and connection feel really confident and open and sexy, have more satisfying sex . And lots of orgasms. I have had a windy road to this current iteration of passion by Kate. I've been doing sex education work in some way, shape or form for over 11 years now. And I started just selling sex toys, actually on my Catholic college campus as a way to earn some extra money. At the time I was planning on going to medical school. I got in, I decided not to go as a whole journey. And along the way, I realized that the magic, most of the magic was happening in the ordering room. When I was meeting with people one-on-one or meeting with a couple or three people or beyond, and helping to answer questions and match them with the products that are really tools to help them have more intimacy, more connection and more pleasure and more confidence. I really began doing coaching in earnest , uh , just a few years ago, probably about five years ago. Now I've had a bit of an up and down. I didn't want to be a coach. I embraced the term coaching because that's what people are looking for and so on and so forth. And I really began in earnest more recently. And then with the pandemic that recently, obviously we've been dealing with over the last 15 months or so coaching really, really picked up for me. Couples found themselves at home together and were really seeking that additional support now that they no longer had all of the noise in their lives that they could avoid or not worry and not stress about. Maybe not even see the areas where they weren't communicating well, where they were not happy and not satisfied. Like I said, I have been doing this work for a really long time. And so with the many iterations, this current iteration as a sexual wellness platform is only about two years old now. And it's really only been in the last two years that I've really created a sustainable income for myself along the way here. It's important to mention that in both 2016 and 2017, I was extremely sick with my new diagnoses and those chronic illness and disabilities I mentioned, and those continue to be up and down today. So I've had to take several sabbaticals along the way to focus on my health. And I say that because it was something that I feel like has certainly been an extra obstacle on the way towards creating sustainable income, but it's also my motivation for creating a, for creating sustainable income and for creating a business that really supports me. And doesn't rely solely on me doing only coaching , um, and doing, you know, dollars for hours, if you will, for one-on-one work in order to support myself because my health can be so unpredictable. And so it's really, really important to me that I find the different ways to work with people and to so hurt people. And it's also important to me from an access standpoint, because the services that I offer are premium services and the coaching is a premium package. I want to make sure that I can support many people as possible on their journey to finding this freedom and pleasure on their journey, to connecting with their yes, and unlearning and healing, all the things that hold them back from that deep. Sure . One of the things that's been really transformative for me to think about and money, and this is very new, like it clicked in my brain probably last week, biggest on conversations in one of my feminist networking groups , uh, throughout the month of may, where we focused on money is this idea of pricing my services, not related to my worth, not related to some random , uh, equation that some other person or some external expert gives me, but around what I actually need . And as again, as someone who's chronically ill and disabled, my costs are, are a bit higher than most. And so this click and realizing this and mapping out my goals based on what is it that I actually need to support myself, mind, body, soul, and relationship wise has been completely transformative for the first time in a really long time, actually probably ever. I have a really clear goal of how much I need to make in order to do that and what that goal is and the why behind the goal, which for me , um , if you're familiar with Gretchen Rubin's four tendencies model, I am a questioner. And for me having that, why is all of my motivation? And so knowing that number and being clear on it, even though I have no clue how I'm going to get there, it's, it's quite a bit more than I'm currently bringing in is just, it feels so wonderful in my body. My nervous system is aligned with it and it feels really, really fitting. So that's the thing that why I can say, I wish I knew that earlier. I don't think I was ready to have that lesson earlier. I've been doing a lot of work around my money mindset. I'm using a lot of the work of money, which in her tinctures and really doing that on unlearning on a deep cellular level. Okay. Time for me to wrap this up. Thank you for listening. Like I said, passion by Kate. Kate is spelled K a I T, and you could find us wherever you enjoy finding us. Our website is passionate by All of our social media handles are at passion by Kate. And the email is [email protected] I hope that you have an opportunity to find some deep pleasure and connection in the rest of your day. After listening to this,


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