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Pre-SEB: The two boats and the power of commitment

August 30, 2021 Stacie Mitchell Season 2 Episode 15
Something Even Better | A Coaching Podcast
Pre-SEB: The two boats and the power of commitment
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Do you feel like you're constantly spinning in your business, wondering why you aren't successful already? Do you feel like you're working really hard, but never actually getting anywhere?

I find that most coaches are trying to "straddle two boats" - their commitment is fragmented, and because of it, they're working against themselves and their own visions for their businesses.

Join Stacie as she dives into "The Two Boats" and how commitment is the foundation of a successful coaching business.

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Hello my lovely listeners!

I hope all of you are doing well. I’ve been enjoying late August in Colorado, where the evening and morning air is feeling crisp and cool and fall-like, and I absolutely love it. I know it might make me a little basic, but I just love fall and everything that comes with it, so I’m getting more energized and excited the cooler the temps get. 

But, feel free to check back in with me when it’s winter and I’m wondering why we moved here, ha! I’m just kidding, I always say that one of my favorite vacations was to Vienna for the Christmas markets. It was cold and I love being cold so much more than being hot. But I digress!

Today I want to talk about the power of commitment by first using a really powerful analogy.

I want you to pretend you're on a small boat, rowing to your chosen destination.

You feel pretty good about where you're going, but you keep thinking to yourself, "Maybe there's a better way than this.." 

Or "maybe there's a better boat out there..."

Or "What if this boat doesn't get me there as fast as I want?"

Or one that has happened to me "maybe I should just look for a job.." which I want to normalize, happens to a lot of new full-time entrepreneurs because it can feel really hard sometimes.

The point is: you start paying attention to the other boats around you and you lose focus on your own boat.

Some are going in an opposite direction.

Some are going WAY faster. 

Some are using methods that seem not quite above board, like stealing supplies from other boats or cutting people off in the water.

And you start to question: "Should I be on another boat?" 

And you might even try to put a foot into two different boats and keep going -- thinking, "Well, maybe I can try both out and see what works best."

But of course, it's totally unsustainable and you can't keep your balance. 

You fall in the water. And you struggle to get back into a boat and get moving again.
And this is why I call it “The two boats” -- I’ve found that the coaches who struggle the most are straddling two boats. It can be the “I’m going to keep giving my job 100%” boat because they’re scared their business won’t make it. Or the “I’m going to sign up for multiple programs” boat. Or the “I’m going to question whether I really want to be a coach” boat. There are lots of second boats that people are trying to balance.

Now here's my point:

What I find happens most often is that we lose our focus and our commitment to the goal -- where we really want to be going and how we want to get there -- because we become distracted by all the other options -- the other boats in the water -- and we’re scared that if we make a decision to commit to one that we’ll miss out.

This can also happen because you were never super clear on what you wanted in the first place. You hopped into a vague “dream coaching business” boat and didn’t take time to make your unique vision clear on what that actually means for you. Which then means, you’re always looking at other people’s boats trying to find your way there, because you never had a clear destination in the first place.

There’s a quote in the book Effortless by Greg McKeown, “If you want to do something hard, indeed truly impossible to complete, all you have to do is make the end goal as vague as possible.” If you don’t have clarity on exactly what you want for your life and business, you’re going to struggle to achieve it. 

And I want you to stay committed to staying in your own boat, focusing on creating YOUR ideal business, and letting the rest of the boats float on by you.

Because you don't want to be swept up in other boats that are heading to a destination you don't even want to end up.

Bottom line: You get to choose your boat. And once you’ve made an intentional decision, your next step is to ignore the other boats.

This is about designing your business, based on your values and your strengths. Your boat is YOUR boat. Stop trying to hop into other people's boats by comparing yourself to others, joining 500 webinars a month, or constantly searching for THE thing that will make it happen faster.

And it’s also about allowing your boat to shift over time, and not trying to make your small boat into a full-on ship before it’s time. I see coaches spend so much money on building fancy funnels with tripwires or $27 courses with Facebook ads, or any number of really complicated systems for doing business, because they think that’s what they need to be successful.

But I really think that trying to get into complex funnels or ads too soon isn’t the best idea. If you can’t sell your coaching organically, it likely means there is a business foundation that needs to be tweaked. We think that putting our offer out in front of thousands with ads will help us sell it, but if you can’t sell it through organic methods, you’re likely just throwing money at the problem. You’re upgrading your boat to a ship, without knowing if that’s what you even need to be doing. This is one of the reasons I focus so much on simplifying, because it allows us to create super strong business foundations that propel your business forward, even after we stop working together.

The fastest way to the business you're dreaming of is to be clear on where you're going and how you want to get there -- and how to keep that simple and sustainable for you -- and then staying committed to that. 

When you keep switching boats, or trying to balance in between two boats, or you stop rowing because you’re too busy watching the other boats speed by, you’re wasting your valuable time and energy while going nowhere. It still feels like you’re working hard, but you’re actually not. 

You’re just spinning around in the water.

There's plenty of time to build your boat, hop in, and row your way to your dream business. I promise. Just don't get sidetracked by all the other boats! It’s sort of this idea of burning the other boats -- which I don’t actually recommend you do literally of course, but it’s the idea of letting go of all the millions of options and choosing to be steadfast to your unique chosen path and vision. 

Now, I hope that paints a clearer picture on why having a clear vision matters and why dedicated commitment to that vision is the best and easiest way to get there.

Commitment means that you keep going through the inevitable hard parts of your business - when no one shows up to your workshop or your launch fails or that client says no after a consult call - which all of these things have happened to me and more -- you just have to keep going.

There will always be obstacles to your commitment, and sometimes it’s the other boats, and sometimes it’s mindset issues, and sometimes it can be real-life obstacles, like a really demanding full time job or getting sick or any other number of things that can throw us off course.

And you all know that I’m never going to tell you to keep going at the detriment of your health or your family or anything else. But the difference is that when these things happen, you don’t immediately throw in the towel and quit. Instead, you decide to stay committed even if you need to take a break for a while, or pull way back on your client load, or get a job, or whatever else it is that life throws at you. You don’t just give up; you still believe it can happen for you, but you embrace that it might look different than what you’d imagined, which is totally okay.

There is so much that goes into building a successful coaching business. And I firmly believe that commitment is the foundation; commitment to your vision, to your values, and to your ability to make it happen -- and in a way that feels aligned to your unique strengths.

And to me, that’s what it’s all about. It’s about helping you reach your goals in a way that feels really good to you. And we do that by getting super clear on what you ultimately want, creating a plan to get there, staying committed and pivoting where needed, and being resilient until you create that business you’re dreaming of. 

The path will never be as straight-cut as you’d like it to be, that’s why having the deeper vision and the commitment is so important. Your vision guides your decisions; your commitment keeps you moving forward.

If you want to know more about this process and my framework for helping coaches build thriving, profitable businesses based on their unique skills and strengths, you don’t want to miss my new program The Coaching Cocoon, launching soon. If you want first dibs on the very limited spots -- each cohort will only have 5 coaches - get on the waitlist at That's